Four Alternatives to a Traditional Headstone

A headstone creates a lasting way for loved ones to cherish your memory, and you may want select one as part of your funeral pre-planning package. If you want a grave marker that stands out from traditional models, here are a few options you may want to consider.

Cast Glass Headstone

Cast glass offers a durable option for creating a unique headstone. You can choose a cast glass headstone in a wide range of colors and styles, from a transparent marker engraved with your name to a colored glass monument that brings a vibrant look to your cemetery plot. Cast glass can also be used as an accent for a stone marker to add a unique finishing touch.

Kerbed Headstone

Kerbed headstones run the entire length of the grave. You can select a long, flat piece of granite or other type of stone, which can be engraved with a favorite poem or quote for a customized look. Kerbed headstones can also be used as a flower bed, so your family can plant your favorite flowers in the plot for a stunning look. You'll want to check with the cemetery in advance if you select this option, as some facilities may have restrictions on how much space the grave marker can take up on a plot. 

Statue Headstone

Statue headstones have been around for a long time, but there are new design options you can select from. For example, you can have a statue created in the image of a beloved pet. If you want to have an eternal sense of humor, you can have a statue headstone created to look like a beloved cartoon character. Of course, you can also opt for a religious statue for a more classic marker.

Bench Headstone

A bench headstone offers a bit of extra space for engraving personalized messages, and it gives your loved ones a place to sit and spend time at the gravesite. This is a particularly good option if your grave is part of a family plot, as it can create a way to anchor the family plots together. Benches can be purchased in traditional stone designs, as well as cast glass. As with kerbed headstones, a bench may require permission from the cemetery, so ask if this design is allowed before you make a purchase.

Your funeral home director can help you to navigate all of the different options available, and he or she can also assist with creating the order and pre-paying for the headstone as part of your funeral package. Check out sites like for more information about your memorial options.