Things You Need To Consider If You Plan On Being Cremated

If you have decided that you would prefer to be cremated than buried, you need to make this clear to your family. While it might be a difficult conversation, it will make things easier for them once you are gone. It is not enough to make the statement that you want to be cremated; put it in writing and make copies of it for all your family members. While you are writing the letter, here are a few other things you should decide so your loved ones don't have to think about them when they are grieving.


If you know that your family will want some type of viewing, take the time to have some plans in place. Buy or rent a casket or some type of container to have your body placed in during the viewing. You can also make arrangements with a funeral home to hold the event. You can also ask to forgo the viewing. Let everyone know you would prefer they hold a memorial party instead.

This may be a good idea if your physical body has undergone trauma or disease and will no longer look like you. Ask them to remember how you were laughing and healthy. You may even ask one of your loved ones to have the event at his or her home. Have some money allocated to pay for food and beverages if you feel the person cannot afford a party for all your friends and family. Perhaps have a list of memorable possessions you would want on display.

Final Resting Place

If you want your urn to be buried or placed in a Columbarium niche let everyone know this as well. Of course, you may also wish to have your remains scattered or given to family members. If you want, you can even choose your urn, box, or other ash container. It is even possible to make arrangements to have your ashes formed into diamonds and then into a piece of jewelry.

You may wish to sit with your loved ones to consider all the options and then start making the arrangements. While you really should have the final decision in all of this, you won't be around to see any of it through. This is why you need to make sure everyone knows what you want. Put it in writing, and perhaps send it to a lawyer to hold. You can even make this person your executor if you feel there will be problems with family members not doing as you wish. Even if they will, while they are grieving and upset, it will make it easier on them if they do not have to make any final decisions for you. Click here to learn more about cremation services.