Selecting A Casket? Three Factors You Should Consider

Did someone close to you recently pass away? If so, you may find yourself responsible for making decisions regarding their funeral. One decision you'll need to make is about the kind of casket that will be used. These factors can help you make a decision.


It is common for the casket purchase to be based off of how big of a budget there is for the funeral. If your loved one put money aside specifically for the funeral, you may have a set amount of money to work with just for the casket.

In addition to the type of casket, you'll find that there are ways that you can upgrade the casket to improve it's overall look. For instance, you can add metal trim to the casket's exterior or an engraving, or you can change the finish of the casket and the material used to line the inside.

Some people decide to personalize a casket by burying their loved one with certain personal items. Having these items on display in the casket during the funeral service can mean much more than any type of optional upgrade to the look of a casket.


Religious factors should be taken into consideration as you are deciding on your loved one's casket. For instance, a person that wanted a Jewish funeral will have special requirements for their casket. The material must be made of organic material like wood, with metal not being allowed. There can be no nails, hinges, or non-organic material on the actual casket. The process of burying the casket requires that the casket itself be touching the earth beneath it.

Environmental Impact

It is now common for people to request caskets that are more environmentally friendly. The idea is that the casket should not be causing any harm to the environment after it is buried underground and that there should be minimal materials used to create the casket.

A coffin made entire out of bamboo is one option for an eco-friendly casket because this material grows back without having to plant more bamboo. The bamboo will also easily decompose into the ground. Some people even prefer a bamboo coffin to cremation because cremation can generate waste.

These are just a few things to consider when you are deciding on a casket. A funeral home, like Thomas Funeral Chapels Inc, can also provide more advice if you are not sure what type of casket you should select.