How To Speed Up The Afterlife Process

Some people need lots of time to say goodbye to a friend or relative, but others are the opposite. When you're the next-of-kin and you'd be best served with a quick afterlife process, here are the options you need to consider:

Choose Cremation Services

Cremation is a much less complicated service than a burial. There is no casket to choose and no cemetery plot to review. The cremation process can take less than 24 hours, from arranging the service to having the completed urn. Let the cremation services facility know that you are opting for the most simple process possible; they will present some standards for urns and other cremation service options.

Choose a Great Funeral Home Director

If you want to have a memorial service for other friends and family, but you don't want to spend all of the time planning the details and directing guests, choose a great funeral home director. They will lead the charge in arranging a simple service. They can provide staff to do things like hand out programs and direct guests to the appropriate seating. 

Delegate to Another Family Member

You could involve other family members in the burial process as well. For instance, you could take care of cremation services, have another person let other family members and friends know about the death, and then have another family member be in charge of talking to the funeral director and making sure everything goes smoothly. 

Get Help with Financing

Another time and money burden of a funeral is the cost of the funeral and the burial option. Cremation services are useful because they are the service that you can most easily get government aid to cover. But you could also set up a fund online to help cover the cost of the burial and memorial. 

Consult Your Family Attorney

The funeral itself isn't the only part of settling the afterlife process. There are probably many debts and assets to sort out, and if you are the closest living relative, you will probably have some responsibility in administering this process. Hopefully, the deceased left you with a will, but if they did not, you are free to hire your own family attorney to deal with all of the paperwork and legalities of splitting an estate. That way, you can direct questions from friends and relatives about the estate to your lawyer. They can also handle things like death certificates and other legal formalities.  

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