Three People To Consult Before You Choose To Be Cremated

There are few decisions that will occupy your mind as much as burial versus cremation when you're pre-planning your funeral arrangements. Regardless of the method that you're perhaps leaning toward, you can probably think of several benefits of the opposite approach, too. It can be useful to do some research on this topic before you make up your mind, and that includes picking up brochures that talk about both options from your local funeral home. You should also plan to consult a few different people — while the decision is yours, discussions with those around you can be helpful. Here's who you'll want to talk to.

Your Clergy Leader

Although many religions are more accepting of cremation today than they might have been in the past, it's always a good idea to consult your clergy leader (or a senior member of your clergy if the leader isn't available to discuss this topic) to get some guidance on how you should proceed. You'll likely find that some religions are quick to tell you that the decision is yours, but might offer their two cents' worth, while others may steer you in either direction. Getting the blessing of your clergy leader is important and can be valuable to you during this process.

Your Family

It's also a good idea to consult your immediate family. You don't need to feel the need to talk to distant family members; the more people you consult on this matter, the more contrasting opinions you'll get — and this may make it difficult for you to come up with your own decision on this topic. Your spouse and your children are the most important people to talk about burial versus cremation, and they may be able to give you their wishes that you can consider when you make your decision.

Your Funeral Director

Don't discount the value of talking about burial versus cremation with your funeral director. It's likely that he or she has talked about these two options with countless clients over the years and is thus in an ideal position to share a variety of insights that can help you to decide what option best suits you. The funeral director will be happy to outline the pros and cons of each approach and listen to any questions that you may have. By consulting these three people, you should have a variety of opinions that you can consider before you make up your mind.

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