Reasons To Always Select One Or Two Alternate Pallbearers

One of the important tasks that you need to complete when you're planning your own funeral is selecting the pallbearers. This is a big honor for those you choose. Your funeral home will commonly give you an idea of how many people to select. At many funerals, six or eight pallbearers are common. Regardless of how many you've decided to select, you should always plan to choose at least one alternate pallbearer. You (or a close family member after your passing) will generally instruct this person to be ready in the event that he or she is needed — perhaps even at the last minute. Here are some reasons to designate an alternate.

Unexpected No-Shows

You can almost always count on those whom you've asked to serve as pallbearers to be present at your funeral. Because this is a major honor for those who are selected, they'll generally do whatever it takes to be present. However, there are a variety of life events that could prevent one of your pallbearers from being in attendance. Perhaps he or she is extremely sick, or maybe the person is out of the country on a trip and your family cannot reach him or her before the funeral. In some cases, an elderly pallbearer may even pass away before your funeral.

Emotional Turmoil

Everyone reacts differently at a funeral, and some people get so emotional that they have trouble maintaining any degree of composure. If a pallbearer is so overcome by emotion during the service that he or she feels unable to perform this important role, this is a perfect time for the alternate to step in. For example, if one of the primary pallbearers is prone to fainting during moments of extremely high stress, he or she will likely be concerned about a fainting spell while walking down the aisle next to your casket.

Someone May Decline The Honor

There are all sorts of dynamics that can be present after someone passes away, and there's a possibility that one of your designated pallbearers may actually decline the honor. For example, if you've chosen a friend, and he or she thinks that some members of your immediate family will be jealous because they weren't chosen, this friend may choose to turn down the role in favor of maintaining harmony during a time that is already difficult. In such a scenario, it's helpful for your alternate pallbearer to step in.

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