Reasons To Have A Loved One's Cremated Remains Arrive In A Funeral Home Vehicle

Following a cremation, it's customary for the immediate family members of the deceased to pick up the urn that contains the remains at the crematorium, and then transport the urn to the funeral home where it will be on display during the service. Not everyone will want to take this approach, though. If you're tentative about the idea of picking up the urn at the crematorium, simply convey this sentiment to your funeral director. In many cases, the funeral home will send a vehicle to pick up the remains and transport them safely to the funeral home in advance of the service. Here are some reasons to turn this important duty over to the professionals.

You Don't Have To Worry About Safe Transportation

If you've seen a comedy movie in which a person mistakenly knocks an urn over, spilling the contents to the chagrin of the family, this scene might be playing in your head as you imagine transporting your loved one's urn. You may be nervous about this job — perhaps you're afraid that you'll brake suddenly and send the urn flying, or maybe you're just concerned that you'll clumsily drop it when you're getting it in or out of your vehicle. It can be a feeling of relief to know that a trained funeral professional can take this job off your to-do list.

It Creates An Impressive Arrival

Having a funeral home vehicle pull up at the funeral home and an attendant get the urn out and carry it into the room in which the service is taking place creates quite an image. If you're the type of person who wants to really make sure that the funeral service honors your departed loved one, this type of high-class arrival may be suitable. This can especially be true if you arrange to have the remains arrive just as the service is about to begin, as many attendees will witness this.

Less Emotional For You

Going to the crematorium to pick up the urn that contains your loved one's remains isn't an easy task. You may struggle with your emotions at this time, especially if you choose to perform this task yourself. Perhaps you want to save yourself the difficulty of this job. If that's the case, getting help from a funeral home professional may be the right choice. You can simply arrive at the funeral home and trust that the urn will be there soon for you to pick up.

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