Three People For Whom A Bullet-Shaped Urn Is Suitable

One unique type of urn to consider for a deceased loved one's remains is a bullet urn. Bullet urns aren't conventionally as large as many other common styles of urns; instead, they're usually smaller and similar in size to large-caliber bullets. You won't fit all of the cremated remains into a single bullet urn -- the idea is to buy multiple bullet urns and distribute the remains among them. You can then give one urn to each family member to use how he or she sees fit, whether it's displaying on the mantle or even using it as a key chain. Here are three people for whom a bullet urn is suitable.


A veteran is a good choice for a bullet urn. If the veteran specifically asked to be cremated, but didn't discuss his or her wishes for an urn, you can safely choose this type of urn as a respectful tribute to his or her service. This is especially a good choice if the veteran was very proud of serving in the military and considered the service to be tightly linked with his or her identity. A big advantage of bullet urns is that you can get them engraved. While an obvious choice is the person's name, you may also want to list the branch of the armed forces in which he or she served.


If the deceased family member was an avid hunter, a bullet urn can be a good choice. One of the nice things about choosing a bullet urn is that, like bullets, there are many types. If the person was a waterfowl hunter then it can be appropriate to choose a bullet urn shaped like a shotgun, for example, rather than a rifle round. You may be able to find shotgun shell urns in different styles, but a common look is a reddish or maroon shell, given that shells are usually one of these colors.


A bullet urn can also be appropriate for someone who spent much of his or her career working as a gunsmith. Such an individual was likely very passionate about firearms and ammunition, so choosing a bullet urn is a fitting tribute. You can select urns of any appearance, but it might be nice to choose those that reflect the ammunition for the types of firearms that the gunsmith often worked on. For example, if he or she frequently fixed rifles for hunters, a bullet urn shaped like a rifle round is a good choice.

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