What Is Included With Cremation Services?

Cremation is an alternative to intact burial. It is a process that uses an extremely hot furnace to turn the remains of a person into ashes. Cremation is an economical and respectful way to take care of your loved one's remains. A funeral home or crematorium usually provides cremation services. Every funeral home is a little different, but here are some things you can choose when you purchase cremation services:

1. Embalming Services

If you desire a memorial service with an open casket ceremony, you will need to enlist an embalmer. The process of embalming preserves human remains so they can be displayed at the funeral. These services are skipped when direct cremation is chosen. However, some families prefer open casket ceremonies because it gives them the chance to come to terms with their loved one's death in an immediate way.

2. Administrative Assistance

Many people don't have experience dealing with the administrative tasks that accompany scheduling a cremation. Before the body can be cremated, you will need to secure your loved one's death certificate and fill out the appropriate paperwork. The funeral director can help. They can also help you pick an ideal date for the upcoming memorial service, taking into account the amount of time necessary for cremation. Many people find the practical assistance of a funeral director very valuable while taking care of administrative details.

3. A Container For The Ashes

After your loved one is cremated, their remains will be returned to you, so you can choose what to do with their ashes. The funeral home will return your loved one's ashes in a basic urn designed to protect and contain the deceased's cremains. You can choose to purchase a more elaborate urn if you desire. Simply select the urn of your choice, and the funeral home staff will carefully fill it with ashes for you.

4. A Funeral Ceremony

Most people also want a funeral ceremony to commemorate the life of the person who has passed away. You will need a venue for the funeral ceremony. Funeral homes offer space for memorial services, in addition to performing cremations. COVID-19 has complicated funeral services. However, your funeral home director can help you plan a memorial service that complies with city regulations about public gatherings. They can space the chairs appropriately so you can mourn the passing of your beloved family member with the people who knew them. To learn more information about cremation services, reach out to a company such as Fletcher Funeral Home PA.