4 Services Provided By A Funeral Home

A loved one's death can be sudden or expected. It's always a cause for grief, and families are usually surprised by the amount of planning that must go into a funeral and burial. Funeral homes help people lay their loved ones to rest. No matter what funeral arrangements you need to make, a funeral home can assist you. Here are four services you can find at one of these facilities:

1. Embalming

Embalming is a process used to preserve bodies after death. During this process, a person's natural fluids are removed, and they are filled with preservatives. Embalming is necessary to keep a person's remains in acceptable condition for viewing. Many people choose to have their loved ones embalmed before burial. Even people who choose to have their loved ones cremated can take advantage of embalming services. If you choose to have your loved one embalmed for viewing, a mortician will carefully apply cosmetics to their remains to mimic a lifelike appearance.

2. Cremation

Cremation is the process of reducing a person's body to ash using a high-temperature kiln. People who are cremated can choose to be buried or interred in a tomb. Some families prefer to keep their loved ones' ashes as a memento. Ashes can also be scattered as an act of remembrance. Cremation is an affordable alternative to burial. Direct cremation is a budget-friendly option that will allow you to honor your loved one's remains inexpensively.

3. Casket And Urn Sales

Caskets and urns can be used to contain the remains of your loved one. Caskets are commonly used for burial purposes, although they can also be used for viewing ceremonies. Decorative urns can contain the ashes of your loved one. Funeral homes provide caskets and urns for sale. You can select the products that fit your price range and aesthetic sensibilities.

4. Funeral Services

Most funeral homes have at least one chapel or room where funeral services can be held. Clients can invite their own spiritual advisors to lead their loved ones' funerals, or a chaplain can be provided by the funeral home. In many cases, having a funeral in a funeral home is the most convenient option. The funeral director will appropriately display the body of the deceased if you choose to include a viewing ceremony in your program. You can choose to hold a reception with lunch or light refreshments in the funeral home as well.